Anthony S
"I too was very skeptical of how just 20 minutes would be just as effective as my 45 - 1 hour work out. After my first session, once I stopped shaking, I realized what this was. A great concentration of targeted exercises that waste no time. I have a number of limitations such as a torn labrum and a very weak acl. The trainers have done a great job in building the complimentary muscles around the problem areas. Neither my knee or shoulder hurt anymore. Ive gotten stronger and my overall body fat has decreased. Made a believer out of me!"
Jim S.
"Great way to work out! Really a fun way to get a complete workout in a short amount of time. Highly effective for busy people. I can't believe how I feel like I've worked every muscle in just 20 minutes each session."
Lisa H..
"If you are serious about getting in shape but don't love the gym, this place is for you. I'm living proof that in just two 20-minute sessions a week, you really can transform your body. In less than six months, I lost 10% body fat and I'm still making great progress. At 45 years old with a job and kids, this was exactly what I needed, and I'm so thankful that I found this place. Kevin and the staff couldn't be nicer or more devoted to your success, but you'll find none of the bootcamp-style nonsense here. What you'll get is a efficient, effective workout in a spotless, uncrowded setting. Whatever your level of fitness, they can safely move you toward your goals. I can't recommend The Exercise Coach of Libertyville highly enough. Please try it, you will only wish you started sooner."
Cayce V.
"This is the best place with the friendliest coaches!!! I enjoy every time I go. I still can't believe how effective this is in just a 20 minute session. I lost 40 lbs in about 4 or 5 months. The amazing part is, I've kept it off, and I am still seeing improvements in weight loss and muscle growth. The coaches are also willing to teach you about what foods to eat. They will help you design a program that is perfect for you. I highly recommend this for anyone. Especially for people with a busy schedule. Go check it out. What do you have to lose besides unwanted weight?"
Will B.
"Every time I mention the exercise coach, I get that raised eyebrow how can two twenty minute sessions a week do anything? look. Well, i don't know exactly HOW, but I do know it works. Two examples: I've been a runner for almost 40 years, including training for a marathon or three (ran one) and I've been refereeing soccer for about 15 years-- which requires some running. This spring, as you will recall, did not allow for much outdoor training (i.e., running) until soccer was well underway. First game I stepped onto the field, did my usual warmups and started running -- so easily and effortlessly that I was surprised. Really surprised. Was never out of breath. Never. Then a couple of weeks ago, I did a 100-mile bike ride in two days (60/40) with about 20 miles or so over gently rolling hills in Indiana...gently rolling, that is, until it was one after another and then it was real work. Having done this ride before (two years ago) I realized how much different it was this time -- i had leg strength (quads, for sure) that i never had before. Never. I never stopped pedaling and never walked the bike. Summary: I feel better and stronger. My posture is better. My endurance (see above) is the best ever. I've lost a bit of weight -- but that was not my objective. I've followed some of the nutrition suggestions (consume very few carbs) and when I go off the wagon, so to speak, I feel it -- and it's not a good feeling. The exercise sessions are interesting and challenging because I'm always challenging myself, thanks to the personal charts and real time readouts shown on the computer screens at most of the machines. And it's good to know that someone else is charting every workout as a record and as a guide to what to do next. Don't know about you, but I don't know exactly what machine at a typical health club to use to work a specific muscle group...and for how long and when to return to it. Couple or three closing thoughts: 1. It's low impact so I'm not concerned about those kinds of injuries. 2. With each session lasting just 20 minutes, it's impossible to talk myself out of going, even on a busy day. 3. Yes, it is expensive and I was doubly skeptical about costs and benefits. Not any more. It works and in my opinion it's worth it."
Randall .
"Have lost 38 lbs. and my blood sugar is totally under control. Have always been strong but this is a different feel of strong. The personal attention and flexibility of scheduling has been tremendous. My time is important and they make the best use of the time and my goals. Would recommend to anyone."
JB .
"I recently met Kevin at The Exercise Coach Libertyville and took him up on his offer to come and try out the place. I must say I was blown away by the skill and motivation of the staff, the variable difficulty of the workouts, and the feedback from the equipment and software. I'm early thirties, I've been in competitive athletics since grade school, and currently race triathlons, running and bike races. I frequently bike and swim, and occasionally run and weight train, and the workout I achieved at The Exercise Coach was as good as any I've done before. The intensity I reached and the variety of exercises I got to in twenty minute circuit had me feeling both awesome and wiped out when I left. I highly recommend it for anyone who's looking for more one-on-one coaching, looking to leave the gym scene, or looking to get back into shape after years of not working out - it's a great workout any way you look at it."
Ed S.
"14 months as a client working with Kevin and a great staff have made my muscle tome the best in my life and this is a 60+ participant. Was a member of the health club spa with the pools and the hundreds of machines but too impersonal and looked like a social gathering. used a groupon to give it a try and see if there was something that would be something you would want to come to, do your short, intense program and get back to your life. It has been everything that was stated, and no fast talking salesman. Group sessions are available and a group is a total of THREE people so you still get the personal encouragement and training. Costs more than the other health clubs, but 2 sessions 20 minutes a week in organized and focused training for the whole body beat trying to figure out what to do in the large club that was cheaper until you added the personal trainers or group training in large groups. Good incentive plan for members if they bring in new members as well. There was initial aches and pains from doing things that you were not used to doing, but they subside and the aches and pains that i had prior to working out with Kevin and the staff disappeared. Staff is flexible and works with you if you have unrelated injuries as well."
Margo D.
"Signing up for personal training at The Exercise Coach was easily one of the 3 best decisions I made in 2015. I started 9 months ago, and the results I've seen speak for themselves. More on that in a moment. I wanted to get stronger, and knew I needed some sort of class or program structure which would make me sustain a routine, and a method that would help me make steady improvements over time. The first couple try me sessions were free, so I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, by booking that first appointment. Other clients range in age from 18-80+, which shows that anyone can do their workouts safely. Would you do a 20-minute session, twice a week, for killer results? Here's what I've seen in 9 months: - Doubled my leg strength on several exercises - More than doubled what I can do on the abdominal and low back exercises - 30-50% increase in arm strength - Lost 12-15 pounds of body fat - Gained muscle definition - Lowered my blood pressure by 15 points (and it was already healthy!) - Lowered my body age metric by 5 years - Gained energy and mental clarity The indirect results? AKA, the real benefits? Everything else you want or need to do becomes physically easier. Skiing. Biking. Carrying heavy packages. Keeping up with your nieces and nephews. The Exercise Coach's methods are different than anything else on the market. A number of the machines use computerized resistance, which lets the trainers increase your resistance 2-3% at a time. Let's face it, if you're not already somewhat strong to begin with, the 5- and 10-pound increases on weight stacks at traditional gyms and training facilities mean you'd be increasing your weight by up to 25% *and that's just not always doable* Smaller increments = steadier, more sustainable progress. What else can I say? The owners, Kevin and Carol, are two of the nicest people you could meet. Like, you'd want them as your in-laws or your neighbors. And the other trainers they hire fit that mold."
Josh .
"I have been extremely impressed with the process and expecially the results of working out with Kevin, Nathan, and Tom. Trainers have always given me great service and made me feel like I am the only one in the gym (sometimes I am at off peak times). I am in my late twenties and have spent a few years being out of shape with a growing family and not making time for working out regularly. Kevin has given me some diet advice and along with the workouts I dropped about 10 pounds in the first two months and the pants and shirts are fitting much better. Scheduling workout appointments has made it easy to not skip out. Make frequenting the exercise coach part of your routine."
Thomas K
"I have been attending sessions at the Exercise Coach for over two years. Although short in duration (20) my workouts push me to the wall which is exactly what I want. Personally, I have noticed changes in my strength, endurance and stamina. And I am regularly measured and evaluated for indices including: weight, BMI, muscle mass, etc... The staff is highly professional, knowledgeable and extremely personable! The Exercise Coach really fits well with my goals and my lifestyle. I highly recommend them!! "
Robin .
"I began working out at the Exercise Coach in Libertyville in July 2012. I had successfully avoided exercise for over 50 years! But I finally decided to make my health and well-being a priority. I'm sure glad I did! I have lost nearly 30 pounds. I have gone from a size 16 jean to a size 8 jean. I now wear a size medium or small top. No more XL for me! My family is amazed by my transformation. I feel great. I have a lot of energy. I feel good about myself. Kevin and Nathan, the trainers at the Libertyville location, are absolutely fantastic! They are both encouraging and non-judgmental. They make we want to work hard. They have become good friends and I know they have my best interest and my best health at heart! I would recommend the Exercise Coach to everyone!"
Andrew A.
"I went to the Exercise Coach looking for a traditional personal trainer minus the gym membership. What I found was a way better approach to fitness, focusing on exercise quality in a time-friendly format with the science to back it up. After just a few sessions The Exercise Coach has challenged 15 plus years of thinking and doing ... in a good way. The initial results were encouraging, but the real proof after more than 8 months of training is the obvious and sustainable results ... I'm in better shape than I've every been in my adult life. And Kevin's staff of degreed, experienced, and motivating Coaches are welcome partners on the journey toward fitness, consistently delivering a quality workout experience ... with a smile. I rock ... thank you, Exercise Coach! Give them a try, and you'll rock too!"
Greg T.
"DO. THIS. I just finished my first year with Kevin and his team at The Exercise Coach in Libertyville. Here are my results: -- I lost 35 lbs. -- The portion of my body weight that is fat dropped from 32% to 20%. -- I increased my muscle strength and efficiency 15%. How do I know this? Because they track my progress. I still have a bit to go to reach my goals, but I am so much closer to them than I was a year ago. Heres whats different about the Exercise Coach: -- I dont have to think. The coach tells me what to do. I do it, and then enjoy the results. -- I get immediate feedback from the exercise machines. Seeing real-time progress motivates me. My progress is real, not conceptual. -- I dont have to know how all this works. Peek in and take a look at the people that go here. They are normal folks of all shapes and ages with the common goal of getting healthier. I had no clue what metabolic efficiency was a year ago. Dont worry. Yours will improve, and youll feel great. -- I do 20 minutes of hands-on exercise twice a week. With the drive time from my house, Im spending about 80 minutes a week, not hours. Its so much easier to fit this in than going to the gym. Want to make a change? Go see Kevin. Hell guide you, and all you have to do is commit to showing up. Your strength and muscle quality will improve. Combine this program with an honest understanding of your current eating habits, and be open to make healthy changes. I highly recommend this program, especially with Kevin and his team as my guides. Try it. The only down side is that youll have to buy new clothes."

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